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MUSLIM GANDHI FAMILY Jawaharlal nehuru’s grandfather was a
muslim, namely Ghiasuddin Gazi , delhi
kotwal, who to escape british soldiers during
“sipahi vidhroh” changed his name to
Gangadhar Nehuru(false kasmiri pandit)
family. Change of name could not underline
their loyalty towards their own muslim
community, the legacy followed by Motilal,
then Jawahar, then Indira but originally, they
were all muslim who never changed to

Hinduism and never were loyal to hindus!
they had always a favoured view towards
muslims and a biased view towards hindus
and never had a equal & neutral view for both!
In short, I can tell, it was Jawahar who
restricted remaining muslims to go to
Pakistan during partition, when muslim got
their two country by parting India! by doing
such,actually Jawahar kept the problem with
us what we r facing now! when the separate
country was demanded by Jinnah, he
expressed that when a first hindu converted
to muslim in India, requirement of separate
country was started as he knew, being a
muslim that muslim can not stay together
peacefully with other religion! then, when
they were given separate country, then why
Jawahar restricted the remaining muslim to
migrate? another, it was Jawahar who
objected in parliament to accept the national
anthem for “Vande Matharam” what normally
muslims do not acknowledge till date ! there r
many but my intention is not here to describe
all such but regarding the fake Gandhi family!
Indira Priyadarshini(Gazi), Jawahar Nehru
(Gazi)’s daughter when studying in London,
fell in love & got nikahed to Feroze Khan in a
Mosque in London & became Maimuna Begam
( though she was muslim either!). Feroze’
father was a Muslim grocer by the name of
Jehangir Nawab Khan, from the Junagadh
area of Gujarat had married a Parsi woman
(from persian Gandhey sect) after converting
her to Islam. If Indira Nehru(fake!) were to
marry a Muslim with open identity, she would
loose the possibility of becoming the heir to
the future Nehru dynasty though it was also
itself created on wrong base to hoodwink
hindus by nehuru family himself but they did
not want to loose it for their political mileage
due to marriage with open muslim identity. At
this juncture, Mahatma Gandhi intervened to
safeguard political future of Nehuru and
convinced Feroze Khan, gave him the idea to
adopt ‘Gandhi’ title as his family name/caste
name, resembling the Feroze's mother's
family name ,Ghandey, what luckily got the
reason to befool Indian, incase of any
explanation and thus he was changed to
Feroze Gandhi, sometime before his wedding
with Indira, by an affidavit in England. But we
fool Indian never doubt on this and believed
that Feroze was maximum Persian Gandhey
(changed to Gandhi) & adopted son of
Mahatma Gandhi.
The existence of Feroze's tomb proves
beyond doubt that Feroze was neither a
Parsi, nor a Hindu. Had he been a Hindu, his
body would have been cremated and had he
been a Parsi, his dead body would have been
eaten by vultures in a Tower of Silence. The
evidence points to the only alternative that
Feroze was a Muslim, when he died. The
purpose of Feroze Gandhi(to spell) affidavit
was solely to cheat the whole world/Nation,
even in to-day village people, a large section
of Indian society think Indira Nehuru(Khan),
called Indira Gandhi, was grand-daughter of
MK Gandhi (who won freedom for India)
.People must think once about this cunning,
fraud incidents which is changing the history,
going forward and fooling people till date with
the hidden anti-hindu agenda.
When Rajiv Gandhi(Khan), younger son of
Indira Gandhi(Maimuna Begam) married
Antanio Maino of Turin, Italy, he converted
himself to Catholic and renamed himself to
Roberto. His daughter’s name is Bianca and
son's name is Raul. Quite cleverly the same
names are presented to the people of India as
Priyanka and Rahul. What is amazing is the
extent of our people's ignorance in such
matters. Bianca & Raul(priyanka & Rahul, by
birth Christian) were born in Italy gaining
them default citizens.If problem arise they
(including Antanio, for sure) would easily
runaway . Interestingly Bianca (priyanka)
married to christian family only.The press
conference that Rajiv Gandhi gave in London
after taking over as prime minister of India
was very informative. In this press
conference, Rajiv(Roberto) boasted that he
was NOT a Hindu but a Parsi. Mind you,
speaking of the Parsi religion, he had no
Parsi ancestor at all & that time he was
already converted to Christianity! One
frequently hears that Rajiv Gandhi's
grandfather (nanaji) was Jawahar nehuru
(khan). we all know that everyone has two
grandfathers, the paternal (dadaji) and the
maternal (nanaji) grandfathers. In fact, the
paternal (dadaji) grandfather is deemed to be
the more important grandfather in most
societies. Why is it then, nowhere, we find
Rajiv Gandhi's paternal (dadaji) grandfather'
s name? It appears that the reason is simply.
Rajiv Gandhi's paternal (dadaji) grandfather
was a Muslim exposure name (Jehangir
Nawab Khan) what they did not like to
acknowledge due to their political and anti-
hindu agenda in India as we discussed above.
AS said,this Muslim grocer by the name of
Nawab Khan, had married the said Parsi
woman after converting her to Islam. This
was the source where from the myth of Rajiv
being a Parsi was derived. His grandmother
(his father's mother) had turned Muslim after
having abandoned the Parsi religion to marry
Nawab Khan as already described above. And
surprise of surprises, Rajiv was even
cremated as per Vedic rites in full view of
India's public to again hoodwink the public. It
is another fact that now-a-days, crhistians r
also going for cremation of dead bodies to
pretend like hindus and hoodwink the fool
hindus in their folder(as recently happening
in kerala). O.K., coming to the point,
Remember, what Rajiv told on sikh massacre
in 1984 after Indira Gandhi assasination, with
no repent , he expressed that ‘when a big tree
fell down, earth shuttered’! sikh massacre
was never ever done by hindus but it was
congressis who had been leaded by Christian
Tytler and many Jaichands(Jindus, commonly
known as pseudo hindus) & Roberto himself!
Presently, we know, Antanio(sonia) is super
PM and regulating the congress and his both
son & daughter(both r Christian by birth
itself) are in the process of being future
prime ministership!
Thus, we see all along anti-hindu activities
by the congress as they were never(except P
V Nasrashima rao) headed by a true hindu.
Being started from muslim family to present
Christian, they have become very loyal to
both and because of many Jaichand in hindus
& little resistence from hindus, their anti-
hindu activities have become more easier for
which they / their party r being funded by
western world,usa and arab, muslim
Christian missionaries/Christian, Islamic
terrorist organizations, conversion thus
breeding to act against hindus/Hinduism and
destroy our country’s heritage, custom &
ritual. hence, we see, all application of law
against hindus only.
Thus a family, who feel ashamed to tell they
were Muslim or Christian, then how they can
be loyal to India?
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Author : Ashutosh Ahir ~ The Fact That Might You Don't Know

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